I just sent this email to our staff

Thought you might like to read it…



Thank you, Ministry Staff. 


I want you to know that I appreciate the measures that all of you took to limit spending in light of our financial situation in 2008.  East campus (Hobart) has done well and had less limitations.  West campus (St. John) did absolutely outstanding.


We had our BMT (Business Management Team) meeting Tuesday night and looked at the year-end financials and a few things were obvious.


1.        From September through December, we saw a major pull-back in spending.  I’m very grateful for this and don’t take it for granted.


2.       To be very specific, West Campus Children’s ministry, Student ministry, and Community groups all came in thousands below budget and went without significant things at the end of the year.  Your sacrifice is awesome.


3.       Thankful to God and to each of you that while we had to limit $$$, the numbers tell us that ministry growth was happening as fast as it as it ever has.


4.       Overall, the church did have its worst financial year ever offerings vs. actual expenses.  (I was trying to figure out how to say that in an encouraging way – and then gave up!)  We were in the red over $20,000.  Still, at one point, we were on pace to be much, much worse than that.


Obviously, our diligence has to continue into 2009, but I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts as we closed out 2008.




~ by Greg Lee on January 15, 2009.

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