Coming Soon to Suncrest…Sticky Church Conference

Sticky Church (Leadership Network Innovation Series)Larry Osborne is smart, realistic, down-to earth, willing to share his insight and invest in younger leaders. He loves God and ministry.  I’ve got to spend about 96 hours total with him, but he’s been very gracious to me and has helped my pastoral leadership more than anyone in the last year (He’s one of the mentors in my Leadership Network Program).

He’s written a few books and the latest (until his new one comes out in April) is called “Sticky Church“.  You should read it.  Better yet, why not come to the conference that is based on it.  They had incredible response when they did it at Larry’s NorthCoast Church in San Diego last year.  When they wanted to bring it to Chicago, I offered Suncrest’s facility and it’s now official that we’ll be hosting it. 

They are doing it as a one-day conference on Tuesday, March 31 so cost is low and punch is high.  Looks like Dave Ferguson and Scott Chapman will be main presenters along with Larry.  Come hang out for a day and learn some secrets to helping people “stick” at your church.  Conference Website here.

~ by Greg Lee on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon to Suncrest…Sticky Church Conference”

  1. Oooo…this interests me…


  2. Me, too!

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