1 year, 13 days ago in Hobart

358339217_abb099e9861I meant to post this on New Year’s eve…on the actual one year anniversary.  It was a year ago that day that I attended the final service at Community Christian Church in Hobart.  I met many of the very cool and servant-hearted people who had given that church their best and it was cool to hear the stories of lives changed over the years, even though the church was now closing.

I was there because the church decided to take a risk on suncrest.  The remaining people and a some significant resources were committing to help us launch suncrest east.  What a commitment…and what a year for them.  I got to see a number of them at our Christmas Eve service, but a couple of my favorite Christmas cards this year came from people who were once part of that church and now are part of our east campus.  Here’s two examples:

From Bill and Ruth Ann Foster’s Christmas letter to all their family/friends:  “On the last Sunday of 2007 we brought to an end our church home of the last 25+ years.  However, when God closes one door, he opens another.  Although we were never able to accomplish our mission; our entire congregation joined forces with another growing church and together we launched yet a new 2nd campus that currently meets in a movie theater in Merrillville.  We couldn’t be more excited with it’s acceptance and how well it is meeting people’s needs.”

And, simply, from Natalie Keller:  “We are so thankful we’re part of the Suncrest family.”

I’m thankful too.  For a church that has been a blessing to us and many in it’s unselfishness.

~ by Greg Lee on January 13, 2009.

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  1. I’m so thankful that they are part of Suncrest, too. Although we have always been the same church (body of Christ), we met in different places, and didn’t know each other. I have been so blessed by knowing them already. Kind of like joining two families in marriage.

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