This seems like a big step…

geist_logoLast night I registered for a half marathon.  Now, I have until mid-May to get prepared to run 13.1 miles.  I think I’ll do it mostly because I’m cheap.  I laid out $45 to register…not going to waste that.

I’ve registered along with Jeff Sanford and Jeff Butera from our community group.  Jeff’s wife Donelle might run too.

My biggest challenge…getting some good cardio stuff going here now while there is snow and cold outside.  My 3 mile runs need to start when I’m in Africa in February, so that could be a challenge too (but it won’t be the weather!)

And…I’m not yet committing for the full marathon.

~ by Greg Lee on January 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “This seems like a big step…”

  1. Good for you!! I’ve still been hesitating to register for the one I want to do in April.

  2. Nice! Can’t wait. It’s going to be fun. And challenging. Mostly challenging, I think.

  3. You’re an idiot.

  4. My theory is that your heart only has so many beats per life-time and running increases the number of beats, therefore running shortens your life. I agree with Nate.

  5. As a former college competitive runner, the math is as follows:
    The resting heart rate of a distance runner is from anywhere between 42-62 beats per minute. A competitive runner will usually run an average of less than 70 minutes a day at a heart rate of around 145 beats per minute. A person who does no physical activities heart rate can be anywhere from 60-90 beats per minute…of every minute of every hour of every day. Go Greg!!!

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