She started it.

I’ve been talking about Jenny and me going to Africa, but we aren’t the first ones from our community group to go.  Kim Martin gets back this week after her own two week trip.

I didn’t know Kim before she was in our group, but Jenny and I just really love her.  She’s sincere, asks great questions, is really straightforward, and has a compassion for people that is just off the charts.  This fall she told our community group she was going on a mission trip to Kenya and I think it inspired a lot of us.

I got this note from her last week, only a couple days into her trip. 

   I just wanted to take a min. and send a little note that I hope you can pass on to the rest of the group. I am on day 3 in Kenya and it has been amazing so far. I really wanted to thank the group for all the prayers and support that have gotten me here. I will have lots of stories and pictures when I get home.
Last night (New Year’s Eve) the church in the slum had an all night prayer service. It was the most amazing thing I have ever been to in my life. They sang and danced and prayed and even had a few sermons. We didn’t get to stay the whole night because we still weren’t all the way adjusted to the time change but the time there was great.
    Anyway, please let everyone know I’m doing ok and having a great time. Please say a few prayers for us. Our medical camp starts tomorrow and we are figuring a line of at least a few thousand people wanting to be seen.

Say a prayer for Kim as you read this.  She’s on her last few days there.  Can’t wait to hear how God worked in her and how she was used by God to change lives.

…And if you aren’t in a community group, why not?  We’ve met some great people!

~ by Greg Lee on January 11, 2009.

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