African Journey

Our missions team asked me to go to Liberia, Africa (small green country on the map!) and visit our missionaries/church planters there, Danny and Bea Buegar (pictured).  There is so much to share that I’m going to try to post about this weekly until the trip and do my best to update the blog during our trip.

Here are some basics to get started:

When?  11 days from February 14-25

Who?  A church in Muncie, IN is sending a team of over 20 people and they had 3 spots open.  Our missions team learned of the opportunity and asked me to go.  Also going will be Denise Tribble (a key missions team leader) and Jenny.

Where?  Most of our time will be spent in buegarMonrovia, the capital city of Liberia in West Africa.  The church planting teams have planted churches all over Liberia, but I’m not sure if we will get the chance to visit any of them outside of the city.  Our flights go Indy to Chicago to London to Nairobi (Kenya) to Monrovia.

Why?  This what I’ll post on more.  This is a mission trip and we will be working with the Muncie team to construct a church building, run medical clinics, and lead a Vacation Bible School.  Our primary reason for going, though, comes out of Suncrest’s 14 year relationship with the Buegar’s and their church planting group Liberian Evangelistic Mission.  Danny and Bea have been to Suncrest at least 1/2 dozen times, but we have never visited them, served alongside them, encouraged them personally.  Danny sent me an email yesterday and part of it said, “Bea and I are looking forward to your visit.  We just can’t stop praying for your coming and having a successful mission trip.”


~ by Greg Lee on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “African Journey”

  1. Greg….How AWESOME! Will and I are already praying for you, Jenny & Denise to have a very successful, safe and blessing filled journey! How wonderful and encouraging for Danny & Bea to have the actual physical presence of Suncrest there with them….I know it will do their hearts good!…..blessings to you all!!

    Will & Martha

  2. Greg,
    I’m so glad to here that you are going with Jenny! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip and tell you about mine. How long will you be in Kenya (I’m assuming there will be a layover of some kind)? I’ve learned some great info about African culture and speech that I will share with you so you might not be as lost as I was on the first few days!

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