We were in our all staff meeting today and it hit me once again why I love this staff.  In a time some would say is ripe for discouragement (no Christmas bonuses, essentially no pay raises, more work, no immediate chance of hiring more staff), we have people still going the extra mile. 

We have more than one person who voluntarily took reduced salaries for 2010.  We have others doing jobs that would easily justify 2+ staff positions.  Then today I was reminded of this…

Laurie Olson (one of our office support staff) needs to have hip replacement surgery.  She’s been fighting through it for while and I just learned that instead of just going in to have the surgery ASAP, she is trying to schedule it at a time it will least affect our rhythms.  Looks like she will get us through January and then have the surgery soon enough that she’ll be back for Easter season.  I love her spirit.

~ by Greg Lee on January 7, 2009.

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