Could I be the Biggest Loser?

I just linked up with a few friends today who are doing our own personal version of “The Biggest Loser”.  I’m almost giddy about it because:

1.  I weigh more today than I have at any other time in my life – 206 pounds.

2.  The dynamics of such a process are absolutely fascinating to me…the competition, the discipline, the motivation, the willingness to reveal something personal (and possibly humiliating).

Looks like competition ends on April 1.

My mom asked me this morning how much I thought I should lose.  How about getting back to my college basketball playing weight of about 185.  I’d be pleased with that…whether I win the competition or not.

I’m not in charge of the competition, so I don’t think I can invite blog readers to join.  But…if you want to track with me, just post your name, current weight, and weight goal for April 1 below in the comments.  I’m sure I’ll post on the progress form time to time so you can update yours then also!

~ by Greg Lee on January 6, 2009.

6 Responses to “Could I be the Biggest Loser?”

  1. Boy if you could hook me up that would be great. This of course will be pending the decision on my back whether surgery or not.
    I currently weight 176 and my goal weight 135.

  2. You mean let everyone who reads your blog know how much I weigh? What, are you nuts??? Well, I will say that my scale says 130, even though I know that’s off, but it’s the scale I will use on April 1, too. I’d like to lose ten pounds. I guess that means get to work, huh?

  3. I”M in if you have room.

  4. I currently weigh 161lbs! By April 1st, I would like to be in the 140’s.

  5. Well just got back from the doc and I’ve got to take this real serious in my opinion. So I am starting this next Tuesday after I get my food and go for my next physical Therapy to see what they will allow me to do exercise wise with my back. My starting weight is 180. MAN!!!!! After I had my children I still weight 100 lbs. what happened with that?

  6. I just read your post about BL. I am so excited for you. I decided to do the pound for pound challenge with the Biggest Loser. I pledge to lose 25# by May 1st. I am 10 pounds down – only 15 more to make that small goal. I’m not ready to disclose my weight right now. Oh we’re all friends here, right? My starting weight was 183. I currently weigh 173 and my final goal is to weigh 125. I will support and encourage you along the way. Congrats on making this committment.
    Love and Blessings,


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