Blogging in the New Year

Blogging regularly was one of my resolutions for 2008.  It might be the only one I kept, but I’m really glad I did.  Below I’m going to link some of the blog posts of others that I’ve thought were great recently, but I just want to encourage anyone reading this to dive a little deeper into the blog world — as a writer and as a reader.  Here’s my quick thoughts:

As a reader…the one requirement to being a good blog reader is to be an effective SKIMMER.  There is too much out there to process everything, but if you skim efficiently, you’ll get shaped in powerful ways.  I read about 10 blogs regulary…it takes no more than 10 minutes/day and at least once a week there is something that is incredibly beneficial.

As a writer…think about the number of touches you might have through blogging.  I try to post about a variety of things…ways God is working in Suncrest, personal stuff about my family and life, travels or unique opportunities God is given me, what I’m learning about God and ministry and life.  I think a little variety is key to effective blogging. Between subscribers and traffic, I’ll have well over 50,000 hits or touches with people next year.  Pretty incredible way to get connected/stay connected.

Any way, click on these great links from other blogs I read (first two are related to New Year’s):

Dave Ferguson on Six Questions for Your New Future

Mark Batterson on New Year’s Resolutions

Seth Godin on “The High Cost of Now”– Seth’s blog is my new favorite  Always thought-provoking content!

Tony Morgan on 10 Reasons You will likely Fail

Craig Groeschel on Healthy Dynamics of a Team (Staff, elders, business team, etc) – Craig always has great, concise content

NewThing Network on What every Follower wants in a  Leader – this written by Brian Zehr.

~ by Greg Lee on January 1, 2009.

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