I’m not committing to anything yet…

…But I’ve taken some steps to seriously explore running in the Chicago Marathon this year. 

My Philosophy…Think Big.  Start Small. 

The regimen I’d need to embrace starts with 3 mile runs in February which means I need to do a little work before that!  Had some conversations today about importance of good running shoes, a couple spring races (5K in April, half-marathon in May), etc.

One of three things would stand in my way:

-Bum knee…been having trouble with one since summer softball

-Lack of discipline.  Jenny told me today she felt like it is hard to be disciplined in multiple areas at once and I think she is right.  I’ve become very disciplined with work and family stuff…not sure if I’ll sustain a 3rd major area

-Seeing no benefit.  I’m not one to do things I hate repreatedly, but people keep telling me this running is actually a good experience.  If it clears my mind, gives me time to think, helps me feel healthier/more energetic, I’m in.  If it’s just a painful experience, I’m out.

That positive experience might be the chance to do this with friends…a few of us from our community group are looking at doing this together!  Jeff Sanford even threw down a little challenge about this commenting on my last blog post about “Shocking the System”.

~ by Greg Lee on December 31, 2008.

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