Shock the System…

One of the things I counsel people about when it comes to trying to bring about change in anything (business, relationships, personal habits) is that you have the best chance of succeeding if you can SHOCK the system.  Essentially, the theory is that small incremental changes don’t produce enough “payback” to keep you motivated. 

What we need is a first large/drastic step to capture enough attention/stir the pot/produce a significantly different feeling so as to move forward with change. (Concept not original with me, but has it’s roots in the best article on change I have ever read (Click here for “Change or Die” from Fast Company Magazine).

As I’m reflecting on the last month and looking ahead to the new year, this is what is front and center for me.  I rolled into my in-laws house right at 2:00am Christmas morning.  I had just completed one of the most intense 30 day runs I have ever had in terms of the amount of things that had to get done, the make/break nature of some of those things, the excellence level and leadership that was demanded, etc.  It was largely work-related, but not exclusively.

There is a lot to reflect on about that in and of itself, but here is what hits me here on the night of the 29th.  I’ve thought about ministry stuff precious-little over the last 4 days.  Except for a health emergency hitting a staff member’s family and staying in touch by text message, I’ve spent most every waking moment intentionally NOT doing anything I did for that previous 30 days.  Not sure I can say it felt “great”; (that seems to insinuate the ministry run didn’t feel great, which it definitely did at times).  But it did feel markedly different.  And that is what I needed.

I’m feeling the tug back now.  Just went through all my email and will drive back to Indiana by the time most of you read this.

If you are considering change this year…can I encourage you to start with something that is drastically different from what you are doing now?  Such drastic chance may not be sustainable, but it does have the power to RESET something in you to build from.

~ by Greg Lee on December 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Shock the System…”

  1. Wow, great article! Important things to consider especially as our Suncrest vision encourages us to be agents of change – we need to be constantly reviewing what works and how we can do it better.

  2. Ready to shock your system…I’m thinking mini-marathon.

  3. Newbie,

    Fascinating article! Very insightful regarding our psychology and our resistance to change. The website is great too! I learned a few more things regarding SSD solid state hard drives. Okay I digress; I’m focusing on spiritual and professional growth to lead my family. In a shocking way of course.

  4. So where are you going to “shock the system?” I’m in the middle of refining my goals for 09 and know that others would love to see what you are thinking.

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