Prediction: Texans 31 Bears 20

The game is about to start, so this is short.  I was off today and actually will be in front of the TV at noon (2 minutes) to watch the game.

The Bears got lucky last week.  This week, the improving Texans won’t let it slip away like the pathetic packers did.

Texans 31  Bears 20

~ by Greg Lee on December 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prediction: Texans 31 Bears 20”

  1. You know your football.

  2. At least the Cowboys were destroyed shortly after. Me no likey. I know, if the Bears had won…blah blah blah. : ) Next year ownership goes to Suncrest and the Bears wheel off an undefeated season and do what the Patriots couldn’t. Okay maybe in two years.

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