GREAT campus pastors are rare

From the chatter I hear, Campus Pastor is the new cool and/or default place to serve in ministry-world.  I’m glad to hear it.  As the multi-site movement grows, this need for great leaders in this role is going to be huge.  But not everyone is cut out for it…because I’m also hearing that there is a premium on finding the right campus pastor – one who has the leadership skills, personality skills, and humility you need.

In this way, Suncrest is blessed.  Doug Gamble has launched our east campus in Merrillville, leading it beyond all expectations.  On his blog, he is reflecting this week on some of the different things he has been surprised by.  I thought his most recent one titled “I can’t know everything” was really good, and was real about the tension that exists internally as ministries expand.  You should read it.

Also, I read another blog today from a campus pastor from He is actually the campus pastor of their Phoenix, Arizona campus (Lifechurch’s original campus is in Oklahoma).  He also deals with the tensions…and ultimately the blessings of this role called “campus pastor” on the LifeChurch Blog.

Here’s to GREAT campus pastors…and my thankfulness that we have one of them

~ by Greg Lee on December 17, 2008.

One Response to “GREAT campus pastors are rare”

  1. Thanks man! Remind me to give you that $20…seriously though it is an honor to serve Suncrest.

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