Welcome to Suncrest

About once a month, we have a newcomers gathering. 

We used to do a full lunch…it was long, expensive, volunteer intensive…and OK in it’s effectiveness.

Now, we do basically a 10 minute huddle in the back corner of the worship area after every service.  I talk for 3 minutes and interact/answer questions for 7.  Today, we had close to 30 people, made some personal connections, and I felt like the next step for people at Suncrest was abundantly clear.

Especially in a tight economy, I think the “Return on Investment” question is HUGE and this one has been a a good example (and, frankly, surprising to me).

Thanks to Connect Director Mary Beth Stockdale for working toward the new system.

~ by Greg Lee on December 14, 2008.

One Response to “Welcome to Suncrest”

  1. Hey Greg and Mary Beth:
    I heard they were closing the Well area. I thought I would suggest the you could use it for a Hostpitality room, where new potentials could come and greet you. It would give you a cozy, large area, yet privacy away from the hustle of everyone leaving. Just a thought.

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