Enough Heavy Stuff

Feel like I’ve been posting on some heavy stuff in the last week about being a Reproducing church.

So, here’s a random numbers game:

1 – # of offers I got to go to tonight’s Bears-Saints game. Turned it down cause Jenny was at the church and I had not seen the kids all week.

2 – # of hours my sermon outline beat the 2pm deadline by today.  It probably hasn’t been on time once in the last year, let alone early.

3 –  # of Bears games I’ve predicted correctly this year.  Pathetic since there has been 14 games.

4 – # of hours I’ve slept in the average night this week.  Will be better tonight.

5 – Jack’s age, although he explained to me tonight that he is really “6” since zero was his first year and that didn’t get counted…”so zero is one, and one is 2…”  You get the point.

~ by Greg Lee on December 12, 2008.

One Response to “Enough Heavy Stuff”

  1. Your #4 Oh my!!!!. For me I shoot for 8, and start feeling run down when i get less than 6.

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