Thinking about “Reproducing” and Suncrest

I’ve been thinking since our New Thing Network gathering earlier this week about Suncrest and being a “Reproducing Church”.  Here’s some of it in a very raw form…

-Reproducing is simple in concept to understand.  Part of every leader’s role is developing an emerging leader.  Part of every Community Group’s goals is that it would multiply and reproducing itself.  Part of every campus’ vision is to reproduce more campuses.  Central to the church’s mission is to reproduce more churches by planting new ones (hopefully ones that are have reproducing in their DNA).

-“Reproducing” is something a church becomes with leadership disciplineAnnouncing that you are a reproducing church doesn’t make it so. (Big surprise, right?  Try just announcing that you are spiritually mature and see if it is so.)

-Like a lot of other things, there is a huge gap between a value being “known” and a value being “owned”.  At leadership levels (100+ people at Suncrest), I know the “Reproducing Value” is known.  Is it owned?

-I feel like we are a little backwards in our strengths (OK now, but will catch up to us if it doesn’t change).  We are good at the big picture reproducing (Reproducing Campuses and churches).  We are OK at the mid level (Reproducing Community Groups).  We can grow a lot at the foundational level (Reproducing Leaders and Artists).

-Our Community Group leaders have been the most effective at Reproducing.  Need to help it work in all other ministry areas also.

– I was talking to our elders last night about the 1 or 2 values we want to highlight in 2009.  Casting the Vision and keeping the gas pedal on this Reproducing concept is a leading contender.  I think it has to be this is the way if we want to launch 1 or 2 more campuses in a healthy way before the end of 2010.  Can’t envision us being ready in 2009.

-Always need to remember these great leadership nuggets — “What you measure is what matters” and “What gets rewarded gets repeated” — makes me think this needs to be central to our conversations and some healthy accountability structures toward this for staff and leaders.

~ by Greg Lee on December 11, 2008.

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