My Prediction: Saints 31 Bears 17

There’s nothing like a little Thursday night football to shake things up a little bit.

Unfortunately, I think the Saints will shake the Bears up a little bit.  The story-lines are fun…

-Purdue QB Drew Brees vs. Purdue QB Kyle Orton (I like Orton, but we lose on this one)

-Will that federal judge stop blocking the suspensions of key players like the Saints Deuce McAlister before game time? (Probably not)

-Will New Orleans be able to handle to cold weather of Chicago?  (They may not thrive, but I still just don’t think the Bears are good enough to stop them)

-Will my Bears beat my nephew Eric’s Saints? (It’s all about Christmas bragging rights)

My Prediction:  Saints 31  Bears 17

~ by Greg Lee on December 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “My Prediction: Saints 31 Bears 17”

  1. Didn’t even realize it was Purde QB vs. Purdue QB, good catch there! Weather wont play a role. GO BEARS.

  2. It’s good that you highlighted what’s really important in this game. Quality PURDUE players making a difference in the NFL. Outside of that, this game really doesn’t matter, as neither team will make the playoffs. If either one does get in, probably not going to make a big impact.

  3. That’s where all the good Purdue quaterbacks went!!! I think the Bears will 28 – 14. Jerry

  4. Please note that I am making a comment after having seen the outcome of the game….I just want to let you know that if we are going to make the playoffs this year..It seems to depend on you picking against them…So keep it up! 😀

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