Miami…was it worth it?

I’m serious when I ask this question.  We had a New Thing Network gathering in Miami that I came back from today and I wrestled with going…only because of cost.  Things are tight at the church right now and we are committed to doing things that fulfill our mission, but ruthlessly eliminating any extras.  We feel like we should do this before asking for increased giving.

Every other reason was huge to go. 

-This is twice a year gathering for the lead pastors of New Thing Churches…and I am one of the network leaders so you would think I should be there!

-This network is  largely responsible for us successfully becoming a multi-site church, and continues to be the best place for coaching about our east campus…and any more campuses we hope to launch someday.

-This is still a pretty cheap trip for the church when we pile multiple guys into a hotel room and I absorb some of the cost myself.

-The best practices I learn about what is working in leading edge churches and what these churches are dealing with often turn out to be just what we need at Suncrest.

-What suncrest will benefit from in terms of future leadership residents, some financial models, etc. will pay off the cost of this trip many times over.

-And…best of all…we are building a movement the church in America needs right now…to think in terms of reproducing at every level…leaders, groups, campuses, and churches.  Does your church reflect this?  If not…why not?  And…how can we help?

~ by Greg Lee on December 9, 2008.

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