Not everything is rosy

I have a great life.  I try not to take it for granted.

I also tend to see the positive things in life.

That makes for a lot of positive reflection (good life + seeing the good in everything).  At times, I even feel like this blog is too happy…always celebrating something…  That probably won’t change, though, as long as I’m writing it from my heart.

But not everything is rosy.  Today I could write about a lot of good things.  Attendance was a record again for a non-holiday week.  We did 17 baby dedications…across two campuses for the first time.  Had a great prayer time after teh third service with a lady who was having God “pierce her soul”.  But, not everything is rosy.

How did I feel about the sermon today?  I struggled.  It was biblical…and that is about where the positives end.  I struggled to make it compelling.  I felt like it lacked a dominating theme.  I was more tied to my notes than ever.  I said something that won’t make sense when it’s on video at East Campus next week (referencing Baby dedications “earlier in the service”).  Ugh.

It will be better next week, but as any teacher/preacher knows this one will frustrate me until I get to preach the next one.

~ by Greg Lee on December 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Not everything is rosy”

  1. God understands………

  2. I appreciate this and relate.

  3. God’s message is never in vain. He reaches people in spite of us, even when we think we aren’t hitting on all cylinders.

  4. Oh … I could tell a story about a little project we had for Prophetic Lit with Sackett … but I won’t 🙂 Miss you, brother.

  5. I am not able to attend church regulary because of my work schedule, but I just wanted to comment that every time that I am able to attend that I am brought to tears. I listen to the sermons and feel that God is speaking to me. Often it is overwhelming. I was in an accident last year that I honestly say that it is a miracle that I am alive. I was fired from my job and scared for the future. I have listened to the sermons and even tithed on a very limited income. At times I used grocery money to tithe and through a God’s mercy I received money to eat and pay bills. The more I have faith and tithe the more that I can see God working in my life. I did eventually find a low paying job, but I feel that I must be there for a reason. I want to thank the church for always making me feel welcome and to the pastors for their wonderful sermons.

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