Jaguars 19 Bears 14

There are a lot of reasons the bears should win tomorrow — home field, Chicago weather vs. Florida team, inspired by last week’s embarrassment, they seem to win every other week, still that chance at winning the NFC north.

None of that will matter, because the Bears just aren’t very good.  And, I’m sad to say it as a Lovie Smith fan, but they just haven’t been coached very well this year — or any year since their super bowl year.  Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner has flashes of brilliance, but seems clueless at key times and Lovie seems to “let him be”.  Lovie made a mistake in parting with Ron Rivera as defensive coordinator.

My Prediction:  Jags 19 Bears 14

~ by Greg Lee on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Jaguars 19 Bears 14”

  1. I love when you pick the Bears to lose…


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