Why do we get all the cool people?


If I had to narrow down why I love Suncrest so much, it is because the people that make up this church routinely inspire me.  Just a couple of quick examples…

I talked with a guy the other night who owns a restaurant in Merrillville and he told me he was talking to one of his employees about whether she goes to church.  She told him “I’d like to, but you have me working on Sunday mornings!”  🙂  So, he immediately gave her half of her Sunday mornings off and on the Sundays she works, he walks out of our service, grabs one of the free sermon CD’s and takes it to the restaurant for her.  And she’s listening to them!

I’ve had some conversations this week about the challenging financial situation we are in and every time I talk to somebody I get this sense that they want to be part of the solution.  What could be an uncomfortable conversation turns into something where people say “count on me” and you get this sense that they don’t want to the church to skip a beat in helping people come to Christ, seeing marriages restored, helping people in need, or sending high school students off to study for ministry.

~ by Greg Lee on December 5, 2008.

One Response to “Why do we get all the cool people?”

  1. I love my church family! I agree–it’s the best!

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