you should buy these Christmas lights

home_treeJenny decorated our tree last night with one of the most practical innovations in years — Trim it Quick Christmas Lights.  We were given them as a gift, but they are worth buying if you…

1.  Want your tree to look great…way better than all those strands of lights.

2.  Want to make hanging the lights fast.  And…I’m confident taking them down will be even easier!

3.  Want to make hanging lights fun and not frustrating.

And for anyone connected to Suncrest, here’s the extra-cool part:  They were invented and developed by Leslie Wasem, wife of my mentor and Suncrest’s founding pastor.  She’s been invited on news segments here in Chicago and TLC’s show Designing Spaces to talk about them.  It was featured on Good Morning America yesterday and will be on the Lifetime channel’s “Balancing Act” Friday morning at 7:00am.  Pretty incredible.

I just found out you can also buy them online here.

~ by Greg Lee on December 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “you should buy these Christmas lights”

  1. Greg – I think we’d like to see pictures of your tree to see how spectacular they are. Anyone else want to see it?

  2. If we didn’t already have a prelit tree, I’d get these in a second. Very cool that she found a way to follow through with her idea.

  3. Greg, I am with Mary Beth….”We wanna see your tree” …..and Will is all excited about these lights!!

  4. Greg,
    Even your Mom would like to see your tree. Show it to us…. sounds like a great idea. Greg’s MOM

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