Breaking the Fast

jack-carouselabby-carouselI’ve been fasting from the internet over thanksgiving –haven’t been online since Tuesday.

We’ve made the rounds to see lots of family and are currently in Iowa, but will be back to Indiana tomorrow. 

The Lee Family has an extended family reunion every year here the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I’ve been comign since I was born with only a few misses.  It was always something my brothers and I looked forward to — hanging out with cousins and swimming as much as was humanly possible.

Now, it’s the next generation.  Jack and Abby are swimming with Eric, Megan, Jonathan, Marcus, and Nathan.  We also found a carousel at the mall and Jack was pumped to ride the reindeer.  Abby, chose the bunny.  It’s been a great few days off leading into the craziest season of the year for me.

Hope this Christmas season is your best ever…

~ by Greg Lee on November 29, 2008.

One Response to “Breaking the Fast”

  1. Ah Greg…how awesome! You are making memories for your children that will never be forgotten, passing on to them the importance of traditions, weaving family connections that, Lord willing, can never be broken! I am a firm believer in “tradition & memories”….I think that is part of the fiber that sends a child into adulthood well equipped to be a positive addition to our world. Good for you and Jenny!! Blessings to you all…and hug those precious kids for me!

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