I’m thankful for…

Jenny.  Can we just start here?  I’d be nothing without this wonderful woman.

My kids.  Scroll down a few posts for some pictures and you’ll see the smiles that greet me every day.

My friends.  Some people say you can’t have real friends in ministry…that you should “protect” yourself.  They are wrong.  Even if we don’t connect as often as I would like, you are a gift to me.

People who lead me.  Suncrest people who teach me about life.  Ministry guys who help me see next steps for my leadership.  God has blessed me with unbelievable learning opportunities this year.

People who follow me.  I treasure this role as leader, but I do not presume it.  I count it a privilege to influence: people in their faith; our church in it’s mission; other leaders in their development.

The Suncrest staff.  From the other pastors to our custodians, this team is selfless.  Who wouldn’t want to lead a team like that? 

Suncrest people who accepted Jesus for the first time this year.  Their eternity changed…think about that.  Wow.

Suncrest people who haven’t accepted Jesus yet.  If having these folks around every week won’t get you out of bed, what will?

And last but not least…my blog readers!  I was pretty sure when I started this, it would only be interesting to my mom.  🙂  So…I’m as surprised as anyone that the subscriber list keeps growing and the daily traffic keeps spiking.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

~ by Greg Lee on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “I’m thankful for…”

  1. Greg,
    I’m thankful for the time you took that dark period in my life to help me see I had lost focus of the one and only One who loved me unconditionally and could help me through the valley of darkness I was in.
    God bless you and your family,

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