Sunday Night Milkshakes


Great Day. 

Really Great Day.

Huge crowds at church…I’d like to think we have sailed past the 1100 mark and have established ourselves in 1200 range.  We’ll see. 

Fun Message series…God @ the Movies.  Today was The Pursuit of Happyness at West Campus and The Dark Knight at East Campus.

Got a 45 minuteschoops-abby-mom nap and a Bears win this afternoon.  Hard to beat that.

Hung with the family at an East Campus event and then went to dinner at local favorite Schoops.  After being out of town 3 days this week I needed a fun evening with Jenny and kids.  As you can tell from the pics, I got it.

~ by Greg Lee on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday Night Milkshakes”

  1. A mickey with just ketchup right? =)


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