Dallas…I’m outta here

Tomorrow morning, I fly back to Chicago.  But not without one of the richest experiences of my ministry life.

Quick background for those who don’t know:  I’m making 4 trips to Dallas over the course of 2 years to dialog with other pastors that are leading under the same circumstances (young pastors/large churches).     This was the 2nd trip.

I’ll blog about some of my learnings here over time, but let me be a little more reflective here.

1.  I’m out of my league here.  These other pastors are much more dynamic than me.  I’m younger than most and many lead churches larger than suncrest…some much larger.  I’m one of the quiet guys in the group.  I usually think of myself as type A.  In this group, I’m type Z.

2.  I really feel like this group of peers is in it for helping everyone’s church, not just their church.  Everyone has strong opinions, but it is without ego.  Our conversations go everywhere:

-innovation issues (online campuses?) 

-practical theology (what is the right way to handle sin?) 

-leadership issues (how am I like a business CEO/how am I not?) 

-crisis issues (economy/$$ for most of us right now)

-personal issues (balancing church demands with healthy family life is #1)

3.  Leadership Network brings in top-notch “mentor” leaders.  Mark Driscoll was with us this time.  Not sure if that name rings a bell for you, but the podcast of his sermons is #3 on the list (not the sermon list, the whole podcast list — right behind Oprah! — with 10 million downloads).  Larry Osborne has been with us both times so far and has been outrageously helpful to me personally.  He’s authored a lot of books was a pioneer of the multi-site movement and has a thoughtful opinion on ANYTHING you ask him about.  Greg Surratt in leads Seacoast church with an attendance of 10,000, but it is multi-site in 13 locations spread over Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, plus an online campus.

4.  All of these guys are learners and critical thinkers.  Often we disagree, but there is incredible power in the exchange of ideas to refine them and then embed them in our souls.  Leadership Network’s tagline is “Connecting Innovators to Multiply.”  It’s happening…and it’s good for the church.

~ by Greg Lee on November 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dallas…I’m outta here”

  1. I love churches working together to be better for God’s sake. So glad you make this a priority and have set the example for the rest of us.

  2. Greg,
    Hope you were energized by your time spent with these pastors! I was so energized by being at the Catalyst Conference yesterday, I think everyone was! There is something to be said about stepping “outside your building” speaking with others and learning as much as possible from there experiences!

  3. Hey Greg,
    Enjoyed our time together. Don’t sell yourself short, you are a big league thinker and innovator!
    Greg Surratt

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