Next Generation Leadership Community

I just landed in Dallas and will connect in a couple hours with the group of 12 pastors I get to hang out with from around the country.  Our common connection is that we are all young (I forget the max age, but it’s older than 34!) and that our churches are larger (at least over 800). 

I used the group as a sermon illustration a few months ago, describing how it is an interesting feeling to walk into a room of peers like this and be curious about each other…even asking internally “I wonder how I measure up?”  In our first meeting though, I felt like we broke through any pretense and everyone knows all of our ministries would be nothing without God and we really needed each other to learn from our common experiences and best practices.  Egos were gone fast.

And while we learn from each other, the best part might be the experienced mentors that Leadership Network brings in to work with us.  This week, I’m especially excited.  I’ll see what I can soak up from Mark Driscoll, Larry Osborne, and Greg Surratt.

~ by Greg Lee on November 19, 2008.

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