Suncrest Unleashed

While we try to serve our community all year long, Suncrest picks one day each year to mobilize as many people as possible to serve people in need.  Today was that day.

I worked with a great group form Suncrest helping a family in Munster that is still trying to get their house in a livable condition after the flood form 2 months ago.  I worked beside Brian Ferber, Craig, Laurie, Neil, Eric, and Vanessa Olson, David Vineyard, Christopher Gadomski, and Susie Smith.

The family was so grateful and it was a lot of fun!  I loved working next to Christopher a little bit becuase I hardly knew him before and we got to talk about how life a little bit.  Every time I serve like this the blesings outweigh the cost.  Hope you aren’t missing out on God’s blessings…

~ by Greg Lee on November 8, 2008.

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