Home Alone

abby-2Jenny and the kids left town yesterday for the weekend for a family birthday party.  I get a lot done when I’m here alone, but I miss them so much. 

I took this picture of Abby before they left with her brother’s new hat and mittens on.  How could you not miss that smile?

~ by Greg Lee on November 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Home Alone”

  1. Too cute. Has her mom’s looks?

  2. You know I have to comment! She is soooo cute! I love that smile. With that hat on it doesn’t even look like ABBY. Give her a kiss for me and tell both Jack and Abby that I miss seeing them on Sunday’s but I am sure they are just as happy at East Campus. I guess I will have to go there to get my hugs.

  3. I miss my family too, Greg, I envy Jenn going back to WC IL. Sometime maybe we could carpool. LOL then all the kids could play on the 6 hr drive.

  4. Greg…..what a beautiful and wonderful child!

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