Weekend Poll

We start a 2 day staff retreat Sunday afternoon with a focus on leadership.  Some of our discussion will be about the different styles of leaders.  So…I’m curious.  For you…what is your style preference for your boss…or the person leading you?

~ by Greg Lee on November 2, 2008.

One Response to “Weekend Poll”

  1. My boss of 10 years just recently left the company for an offer he couldn’t refuse but he showed me through his leadership what I believe to be the traits of a good boss/leader.

    1. He alway’s smiled when he greeted an employee
    2. He never overmanaged the simple things or abandon me on the difficult ones.
    3. He never talked bad of someone behind their back, but if something needed to be said. It was to that person behind closed doors where noone else could hear what was being said.
    4. He let me take on huge challenges, which gave me great experiences, knowing full well that he had me covered 100%.
    5. He had a short term memory when it came to mistakes, and a great memory of all the times when great things were accomplished

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