Most of my meetings are Fun

I’ve posted here before about how it feels like my life has become and endless series of meetings where I have just enough time in between them to check email, return phone calls, and work on a sermon.  No doubt, I sit in some meetings and feel my productivity become dreadfully slow (those are the times I check email, return phone calls, and work on sermons DURING my meetings!)

Truth is, most of my meetings are energizing because directly or indirectly, the agenda is advancing God’s kingdom.  How could that be boring?  It’s the most important task on Planet Earth!

Monday…I already posted below about my meetings in Boston.

Tuesday…I had lunch with Bob Bouwer, the pastor of Faith Church in Dyer.  This friendship is flourishing.  I have such respect for him and love working on the same team to bring the hope of Christ to our region.  (We also are starting to plan something really exciting together, but I’ll hold off talking about it until we can firm it up.)

Wednesday…I was in Naperville all day for meetings with the leadership group of the NewThing Network.  This group is all about helping churches REPRODUCE.  The big picture focus is on reproducing campuses and starting new churches, but it also includes the foundations of reproducing leaders and artists and small groups.  When Suncrest aligned with the network less than 2 years ago, there were only a handful of churches.  Today, there are about 20.  (I guess that is what happens when a network focuses on reproducing!)

Thursday…a meeting with Rex Johnson, team leader of our Business Management Team.  I also had a pastoral meeting with a long-time attender and friend to talk about life and it’s challenges.  I do less of that than ever, but as time allows I still love it.

Friday…have an early morning breakfast in South Holland with Steve Hoekstra of Refuge Christian Counseling.  I refer people to professional counseling a lot and 90% of the time it is to Steve or someone in his counseling practice.  I’m thankful for his partnership and expertise.

~ by Greg Lee on October 31, 2008.

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