Being “Dad”

Lynn BarbeeLynn Barbee has a great post over on her suncrest prayer blog today about the influence of fathers and an encouragement to pray for us.  You should read it and pray accordingly (click here).

I’m personally thankful for Lynn’s prayers for me as a dad. 

Jack and Abby don’t have a perfect father, but more than anything I want (1) for them to know Jesus personally as they grow up and (2) for it to be undeniable to them that I love them.  Those may seem simple sentences as you read them, but if I could sit down with you, It would take some time to unpack them.

This life I lead is crazy-full of good things.   But I never want the good things to get in the way of the God things.  And being a dad ranks #3 on the list of things I know God wants me to get right before he cares one bit about my ministry.

~ by Greg Lee on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “Being “Dad””

  1. Wow! I was feeling this conviction all morning…That I needed to spend some more special time with the kids…This is the exclamation point on that, thanks for not letting that one slip by me.

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