In Boston

New T Add Sept. 08

Had a great meeting in Boston today with our church plant out there, Reunion Christian Church.  I usually get to worship with them the day before the meeting, but this one became a quick 24 hour trip.

Hank Wilson (Reunion’s Lead Pastor) lived next door to me in our college dorm and we played together on the basketball team, but that’s not why we support this plant.  We made a commitment to support a church plant in Boston and then I helped connect Hank with the plant.  My friends, that turned out to be a God-Thing.

Hank has a great team and some wonderful partnerships.  Here’s the highlights of Reunion…now about a year and a half old worshipping in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston.

-attendence pushing over 300.  (49% growth from last year to this year comparing same seasons!)

-heard some staggering stats…over 100 churches planted in Boston over the last 10 years…about 1/2 survive, most struggle to ever make it beyond the 100-200 in attendence spot.  Only a few evangelical churches in Boston are larger than REUNION, even though it is so young.

-The way this church serves the city is amzing.  They are living out the gospel serving the poor, mentoring at-risk junior high students, supplying artists and volunteers for a mission church in town.

-We talked about developing internal leadership (I’m the team leader of our “external” partnership team).  We also discussed finances, the bandwidth of the team, the possibility of launching a second campus, the 15 baptisms they had in August and the 4 they had during a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with 25 people.

-We talked about their facility challenge.  They have not been able to meet at their “regular” location for 3 of the last 4 weeks.  Ouch.  I’m actually learning this should be considered normal in planting in an urban area, but it shure does make for quite a challenge. 

I love this church and that Suncrest has had a signficiant hand in launching it.

~ by Greg Lee on October 28, 2008.

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