Baptism Stories

We love stories around here of changed lives. Whenever we do baptisms, it seems like those rise to the top.  On Sunday, we had 7 baptisms at West Campus.  One was a child baptized by his parents.  One was Mike Ward, who’s journey I’ve written about twice before HERE and HERE.  Another was a couple baptized together after attending for some time.

They wrote me sunday afternoon:  To be baptized by immersion was such a touching experience. Our Indiana family, Lynn, Dave, and Steven Carlson, took us to breakfast and shared quality time with us. I have always found it interesting that no matter where God leads our family, He places special people in our paths that have become not just friends but family. We are blessed in many ways, especially to have more family here at Suncrest. These little sheep have truly found a loving church home. We truly feel that connection.


One thing we ask everyone to do at their baptism is to share with us part of their story by answering a few questions.  I loved the one Brian Ferber wrote out so I’ve included it below.

Who first told you about Jesus?

I learned of Jesus as a Child, when going to church with my parents two times on Sunday and once on Wednesday from as far back as I can remember till around 15 years of age (In an extremely legalistic church – I’d love to tell you the stories).  Problem was…I didn’t believe a lick of it, thought it was entirely made up by man to control the “simple-minded” people of the world.  I spent the next 20 years of my life debating against the existence of a God with anyone who was up to the challenge…I was very confident I had it “All Figured Out”.

When did you first experience Jesus?

The funniest thing to me is that even though I was sure there was no God…my best friends through my adult life always seemed to be Christians…So much so that everyone I considered a friend prior to my commitment to Christ is a weekly attender of a gospel based Church (4 different churches!!)…and the truth is, I was the only one of them that was empty inside…I had no enjoyment in my life…no happiness in my marriage.. I was just passing time at work, drinking too much and slowly getting older.

One of them had been on me pretty consistently for a couple months to have another sit down conversation regarding faith… This time he brought in one of my co-workers also a Christian. I had decided prior to meeting with them that I was going to listen without debate. 4 hours later I accepted Jesus to be my guiding light and savior.

I won’t lie, things got worse before they got better…But I felt an inner peace…and that was my first experience with Jesus.

What does Jesus mean to you?

Wow…..where to begin…I talk to him all the time..when I’m feeling small or tall..He gives me great joy..and I’m thankful for everything he has done for me.

I study his words in the bible, and am amazed at how simple his teachings are in text…and how hard they are to accomplish in life.  I have a long way to go to be more like him..and that’s all I want to be.

Who has influenced you to accept Christ as Savior and be baptized?

My Wife who always told me “You do too believe in God, your just a jerk who likes to argue.”  My Father who has never attacked my beliefs even when I attacked his.  My friends Rob, Jason, and Tim who never gave up on me…God bless their stubbornness. A rather caring counselor from Bethel, Chris Carr.  And an undeniable account of why we are here, and what we are supposed to do…as told in the Bible.

Even Fools like me can receive the Gift of Grace…Amen!



~ by Greg Lee on October 23, 2008.

One Response to “Baptism Stories”

  1. I had heard of the idea of the Internet church on the radio some time back and had not given it much thought, and when you mentioned it in small group I’ll be honest the first thoughts to enter my mind were mostly the obsticles that such a project would present or the obvious humerous aspects of participating in a service while in the comforts of your own home. but……..
    The more I think about it, the more I like it… What better way to spread the good news.. I guess it’s just hard to be critical with a thought that has the pure interest of introducing our wonderful Savior to a new audience, or allowing a person who cannot attend in person to still be active in the fellowship.

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