I’ve had more than one person advise me that the best way to be a good staff leader is MBWA:  Management by Walking Around.

So, in the last two days, I twice walked down to the student life center on the far end of the building.

The picture above is what I found Friday… Jared (Student Life Pastor) and Chris (East Campus Student Director) playing video games in the youth game room.  Can you say…busted?  Actually it was cool.  These guys were heading out in a couple hours to take middle schoolers on an overnight trip.  You’d want a little down time too leading up to that!

Today (Saturday), I was leaving the building abotu 5:00 and realized someone was still there.  I got closer to the Annex and realized that Nathan (student ministry intern) was rehearsing his sermon for tomorrow.  I didn’t stick around to listen, but I know with full confidence that he’ll do incredible tomorrow teaching the students.

~ by Greg Lee on October 19, 2008.

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