Ready for Cindy to come Back

Cindy Barker is pretty much the best assistant ever…and she is on vacation for three days at the end of this week.

She has so many gifts that I don’t and a very steady spirit…which is perfect for her role as my assistant.  She takes care of all kinds of things that would clutter my head so I can focus on big picture things.  She anticipates what I need.  She is perfectly reliable.  And it’s more than just an ability to get things done and manage my professional life…I value her insight on things at Suncrest. 

And, I value her friendship and the relationship my family has been able to have with her family.  Her husband is one of my best friends.  Her two kids were in my student ministry here and I got to perform both of their weddings.  She and Gordon are the spiritual mentors to our daughter Abby.  She also just became a grandma (which makes the “Barker Family Picture” above outdated).

Thanks Cindy.

~ by Greg Lee on October 17, 2008.

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