Do this today…Encourage someone!

 In this role, I get a lot of feedback.  I know a lot of pastors feel like they are under the micro-scope negatively, but I’ve been blessed to lead a very encouraging church family.  It really makes a positive difference in my spirit.

 -John Swets sits right behind me in the 8:00 service.  He regularly writes a note on his connection card reminding me of his friendship.

-I got an email yesterday that was short and sweet:  Just a note to say how awesome your teaching was on Sunday. You keep getting better and better.

-Got this email Monday from a staff member…Just sitting here thinking how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve at Suncrest…As I think of all the cool people that I am blessed by, I always come back to you and the fact that you thought I could do this — that coupled with the fact that I just really enjoy you, too, and that wife of yours is the best.   (Some of that might just be flattery, but the part about Jenny is 100% true!)

-Got this email yesterday…I especially love this because it’s not just “good job”, but talks about how she was compelled to do something I want to start off by saying that your sermon this past week was great.  I touched my heart and those around me.  The week prior you asked us to find purpose in our lives.  I have felt this on my heart for a while now.  But after hearing you speak, I knew that there was someone who I cared greatly for and was so afraid to have a conversation with about Church and even Christ at times. 

 I post this today because it hit me on the power simple words of encouragement can have in our lives.  And I want to sow that same encouragement to others.  Will you join me in that today?

~ by Greg Lee on October 15, 2008.

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