Cool Day for East Campus

East campus will have week 3 tomorrow and each week brings new things and at the same time makes it feel like this is something normal, not just new.

For the first 2 weeks, we used video-cast for the teaching, but tomorrow there will be in person teaching with campus pastor Doug Gamble.  Then there will be a week of video-cast again and then I will go teach in person.  I can’t wait…this is so incredible and I haven’t even been able to experience it yet.

We like the feel of about 65-75% video cast and 25-35% in person.  Video-cast is HUGE for efficiency and for keeping the emphasis on one-church.  Having Doug teach in person (he’ll be the person 90% of the time when it is in person there) is HUGE for establishing him as a pastor/teacher and emphasizing that we have 2 locations, that will at some level have different flavors. 

Like everything else, we aren’t rigid about it.  And, we are always trying to learn.  So, we’ll just keep moving forward and be sensitive to where God is leading us.

~ by Greg Lee on October 12, 2008.

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