2nd Fiddle?

So the White Sox won tonight to put them in the play-offs.  I know some people care, but they are definitely playing 2nd fiddle to the Cubs when it comes to the storyline in this city.  It almost doesn’t make sense…the white sox had to win three games against three different teams in three days…and they did it in dramatic fashion the last 2 nights.  Still, they are playing 2nd Fiddle.

I love the role of 2nd fiddle and rooting for #2… 

-Maybe it’s because I’m the second (and middle) child

-I love living close to Chicago…the “second city”

-I’m not one to come up with brand new ideas, so I’m not much of an innovator.  But I think one of my gifts is seeing early what are good ideas and which one’s will fizzle out.  I love the “2nd” role of “early adapter”.  Suncrest going multi-site is an example of that.  The idea that we are exploring an Internet campus is another one.

-I’m enjoying being the assistant Coach on Jack’s soccer team a lot more than being the head coach last year.

-Most important player on an NFL team?  The Quarterback.  Second most important player?  The back-up Quarterback.  Just ask the Green Bay Packers that right about now.

The best part about being “2nd” is you get a chance to observe and learn so you are ready to go when your number is called…either to support the leader or lead yourself. I loved that role at suncrest here for my first 7 years.  Now that God has me in the lead role here, I’m always finding it helpful to be the observer/learner from churches who are a few steps ahead of us.

~ by Greg Lee on October 1, 2008.

One Response to “2nd Fiddle?”

  1. Well for at least today the White Sox are the headline…that is…until about 5:30 when Ryan Dempster takes the hill =)


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