Launch Day…at Suncrest East!

This morning Suncrest’s east campus launched with a great experience at the Showplace 12 Merrillville/Hobart.  Way to go, East Campus!  Great leadership by Doug and the staff.

And God was very good to us.  We had a couple hundred new faces along with a solid (and highly committed) launch team so the attendance was well over 300.  Our prayer has been to give our church the chance to influence as many lives as possible so we are thrilled with that.

We’ve had some great collaboration with our NewThing Network along the way and our multi-site coach from NewThing was there today.  I got this summary a few minutes ago:

Today I had the privilege of being at the East Campus launch for Suncrest Christian Church. What an awesome experience! Let me point out to you a few of the highlights:

  1. The feel in the Showplace Theater was electric and buzzing with people and energy.
  2. The worship experience was great – music good, video message was introduced very effectively and people were intent on listening. Message was excellent.
  3. It was obvious to me that the team was ready as people introduced themselves to me and seemed to be looking for new people.
  4. It was also obvious that new people were present!

Thanks to all who have prayed for this! 


And, thank you, God, for placing this vision in us and showing your faithful hand all along the way.

~ by Greg Lee on September 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Launch Day…at Suncrest East!”

  1. Great stuff, Greg! Thanks for all you guys are doing up north. Proud of you guys!

  2. Way to go Greg and Suncrest team. Can’t wait to hear the stories of life change at the new campus.

  3. What wonderful news! Can’t wait to visit the new worship campus…but will follow suggestion of waiting a bit so a true figure can be determined as to new people reached!

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