Some random thoughts…

Downloading some brief thoughts on a number of different fronts…

Still buzzing after East launch yesterday.  Can’t wait to get more details this week.

Don’t want us to forget that lots of people are still suffering from flooding in Munster and surrounding areas.  They are still working at South Side Christian Church…go there to help any time.

I’m not sure what to think of the government bail-out being voted on today.  Government involvement is almost always a negative to me.  But, like everyone else, I don’t want an economic meltdown.  I’m wondering…Is the dire threat real?  How urgent is the threat really?  Doesn’t a bail out let people off the hook who should be paying the price?  And worse…doesn’t it teach Wall Street that if you ever get in big trouble…we’ll probably come in to save you?

I got more emotional than I expected teaching at West Campus yesterday.  But every time I see people carrying guilt and shame unnecessarily, my heart breaks.  I know working it out seems complex, but it many ways it is as simple as embracing what Jesus did on the cross.

Bears Defense looked GREAT last night.  Goal-line stand was incredible.  Alex Brown is the man.

Yes, I lost a deal and I really am wearing a Cubs jersey this Sunday.  (Maybe they will get swept and they will get knocked out Saturday night…that would be interesting).

I’m waiting to get word on our offerings from yesterday.  We’ve really suffered on that front for the last few months.  Attendance yesterday was really strong at both campuses.

-Lots of stuff to get done today…

~ by Greg Lee on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Some random thoughts…”

  1. Can’t wait to see the Cubs jersey. Good to know we’ll have it on video. Just another reason to love the East Campus.

  2. Is a pastor an elder as described in the Bible? Thanks.

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