Practicing what you Preach

In my little bio on our staff web page, it says my passion is “about making sure Suncrest is never focused on ourselves more than others”.  I mean that.  And think it is key to our spiritual effectiveness as a church.

So what do you do when there is a need for workers at a sister church facing devastating circumstances…and it happens to be the biggest week of your own church’s life? (We are launching our second campus this Sunday!)  That’s easy.  You go help the church in need.  

So today, we did. Both churches will be better for it because God blesses those who are givers.  And along with our ministry staff, we had a number of suncrest attenders show up to help.  No wonder, I love this church.  Even the ministry staff who just couldn’t make it today are going Friday to serve.

My crew worked ripping out the carpet from South Side Christian Church’s worship area.  Previously, they had come through with chainsaws to cut up all of the pews and take them out (see pic with the water still standing).  It was heartbreaking, but there is something inspiring about working along side people from South Side and other churches who were also there to help in a time of need.

There will be plenty of work at South Side (and other places in the area) for weeks to come.  This Saturday will be a huge one.  Could you help?

And…their pastor told me today that they were having an important meeting tonight to begin talking about their next steps from here.  Will you pray for that meeting right now?  I just did.

~ by Greg Lee on September 25, 2008.

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