Pictures and News Story

While we were working at South Side Christian Church yesterday, a reporter and photographer came through.   Click here to read today’s Times article mentioning Suncrest and other churches coming together to help. 

Click Here for a slideshow of photos that start to tell the story.  They show a couple of Suncrest volunteers…Denise Tribble and Mike Lucko.  Thanks also to Charlie White, Sherri Fara, and others who served at the church.

As Miss Sue worked at the Eads School helping families last night she ran into lots of leaders from other churches and Suncrest folks who were volunteering…among them Pete Wories, Lyn Wories, and Alice Cannon.  I’m sure many, many more, but I’m inspired every time I hear a new Suncrest name.

For more info on our work…scroll down past the birthday and bears posting…

~ by Greg Lee on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “Pictures and News Story”

  1. Barb Meier and Dawn Angel also volunteered and got us started on the outside scrubbing at Southside on Wednesday.

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