Flood Help in Northwest Indiana

I just got a note from Denise Tribble, our missions coordinator and it seems Suncrest has really come out to help some people in the midst of their crisis.  Here’s what she said:


 Just an FYI how Suncrest has been helping with flood victims.  Thankfully through e-mail (reaching people quickly) we had Suncrest people donating time to helping others with basement flooding, sandbags and donating items needed.  There was also a call out for donation of dresses and suits for Munster’s homecoming on Saturday night and our people responded, dropping off items needed for their dance.  I love to see that!!!!!


I only want to encourage all of us to do more and more of that and there are 2 specific opportunities in front of us.


Helping a Church

You have probably heard about South Side Christian Church in Munster in the news.  They were evacuated during their services 2 Sundays ago and their building was overwhelmed with water, ruining most everything in it (picture is of their worship area after the water had somewhat receded).  What you may not know is that this church is largely responsible for starting Suncrest 14 years ago.  They were a huge financial supporter.  John Wasem (our founding pastor) had been their pastor.  Many families that launched Suncrest came from there.  And they have helped us at many turns along the way.


Now, it’s our chance to help them in a time of great need.  Their church building (1000 Broadmoor Avenue in Munster) is open for workers every weekday from 9am-6pm and the work will go on for some time.  If you can carve out some time to help them, it would be a fantastic expression of our support.  Specifically, our entire staff is going to help clean up tomorrow (Wednesday) from about 10am-2pm…and if your schedule permits, I’d love to have you join us.

I’m meeting with their pastor next week to talk about how else we can help.

Helping Families

There has been an excellent system set up to help specific families affected by flooding also.  Why not serve some of those in need this week?  The opportunities are:


At the Eads School, 8000 Jackson Street in Munster (corner of Jackson & School).  They have lists of elderly and uninsured people who need help cleaning up their property.  They are currently operating in three shifts: 8-12 noon, 12-4 p.m. and 4-8 p.m. The 4-8 is the busiest as some residents have gone back to work and can only work on their homes in the evenings.


Also, they are serving meals to homeowners and volunteers at a food tent located at the corner of Madison & School streets.  They are in need of donated food as well as volunteers to staff the tent during meal times.


I hope you will let God use you to help put someone’s world back together.  If you can make it, I’d love to see you tomorrow at South Side C.C.





~ by Greg Lee on September 23, 2008.

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