Sunday Reflections

1.  East Campus Preview services went fantastic.  The picture at left is me teaching on the movie screen taken fromt he back of the room.  Launch is next Sunday!


2.  Comments heard from people who experienced video-cast teaching for the first time.

  • “People even laughed at your jokes” (that’s good news, I’m still trying to get west campus to do that.)
  • “You know…the camera really does add 15 pounds”
  • “I knew the camera added 15 pounds, but I didn’t know it took an inch off your hairline!”

3.  Services at West Campus (St. John) seemed just as full as ever, even with 120 people gone to launch east.  Good vibe.

4.  Did get a short afternoon nap…loved that.

5.  Took our neighbors to the East Campus Big Event.  I’m very impressed with volunteer crews and I got to personally meet some families that came to check them out.

6.  Da Bears totally blew one today.  Good thing church and family life is good, because the Bears are killing me.

~ by Greg Lee on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday Reflections”

  1. Stop picking the Bears to win. You are bad luck 😉

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