Help for a sister church

Had this picture sent to me by a friend and some people will be able to relate to it after all the flooding!

Of course, the flood is serious business for families and for a church that is very important to Suncrest.  South Side Christian Church in Munster had a huge role in starting Suncrest 14 years ago.  Before we had a building of our own, they would let us use theirs for baptisms, meetings, etc. from time to time.  With the flooding of the weekend, they had water standing throughout their building and the effort to clean it up is going to be huge.

If you are local, could you help?  The details for how we can help do remain a little sketchy right now, but I know they are open for workers tomorrow (Saturday) and I’m sure they will be in the coming week also.  I’ll try to post more details here as I get them.



~ by Greg Lee on September 20, 2008.

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