Note From Greg

Hey Suncrest,

First, let me say I know a number of you are still struggling through the effect of the rain this past weekend.  My heart goes out to you and it does my heart good to hear of Suncrest small groups coming around to help others in their community groups .  Also, it’s great to hear of you helping your neighbors and friends through a tough time, opening your home to those in need. 

Here’s what I love: Your stories are integrating with God’s Story…doing your part to put someone’s world back together! For more ways to help, scroll down past this note on the blog.

There is a lot of news this week, but I’m going to keep this brief…

·         The rain and flooding really affected our Sunday at West Campus (St. John).  Attendance took a huge hit and it had a significant affect on offerings and our big push for helping people connect in a Community Group.

·         East Campus had their first practice service in spite of the flood.  It went really great!  10 Days until public launch as I type this!

·         We will do sign-ups again for groups this week.  Make sure you get in one this week as the whole west campus studies “The Life You’ve Always Wanted.”

·          Saturday is our work day.  There is work to be done from pulling weeds to using your chainsaws!  Our property will be transformed in 4 hours from 8am-noon.  Come for all or part of it.

Now, for the most important thing:  I’d like to ask you to specifically think of 5 people you can invite to Suncrest for this Sunday.  This is the perfect week to do it.  We’re starting a new message series called “Losing My Religion” at the very time of year people are most open to starting a new rhythm in their lives.  And, I’ve provided a tool to help you.  If you click here you will find a note I’ve written to invite your friends. 

All you have to do is send them an email yourself with a few personal words and you can include the link to my note. 

I have to tell you Suncrest, I’m not sure there has been a more exciting season at our church in more than 5 years.  And I believe in these next 4 weeks of this series we have the chance to have God use us to change lives.  You gotta invite those five for that to happen.  Will you do it right now?


~ by Greg Lee on September 19, 2008.

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