Random Monday Thoughts…

-So that’s what 12 inches of rain looks like.  My home and the church were spared any damage.  Many, many others were not so fortunate.

-Does it count as a day off if you open your email and have 75 new messages to process so you can hit the next day running?

-Comment from someone’s tear-off panel Sunday about Suncrest…”Thank you so much for being so awesome.”  Love it.

-Practice Sunday at East Campus went awesome despite the challenge of getting there through the floods.  Way to go, launch team!

-Spent most free moments over the last 3 days getting our basement ready to host the childcare for our community group.  I think there could be over a dozen kids down there. 

-Can’t wait for our community group to start…both for those returning and some new folks.

-All day Staff Retreat tomorrow.  Some critical things to discuss.

-You laughed at that picture at the top, didn’t you?  It’s OK to admit it.  That’s what you get when you google “random thoughts” for images.

~ by Greg Lee on September 16, 2008.

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