Celebrating the power of CIY

I just got a cool email from Christ in Youth (CIY).  I’ve posted a couple of times about the opportunity I had to speak at their “MOVE” conference this summer. 

It was humbling because I know God uses CIY to change students lives.  I’ve seen it first-hand for years and especially this year in Suncrest students when they returned from the conference in Southern Illinois.  We had students who were baptized as a result and some who have given their life to ministry.  Each story has it’s own power.

But there is something powerful about the numbers as a whole too.  The email said that over 7000 public decisions were made by students this summer.  Decisions to follow Christ.  Decisions to go into ministry or be a kingdom worker.  And, decisions to repent from the current course of their lives and turn back to walking personally with God.  7000. Wow.

If you are totally bored and have nothing better to do, you can download my talk from CIY in Colorado by clicking here.

~ by Greg Lee on September 13, 2008.

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