Living the dream

Back in February, I wrote a post called “So this is why” (you can read it by clicking here).  The seeker I wrote about then (Mike) had come to Suncrest for a year and wrote some of us an email about the spiritual journey he had been on and how people at Suncrest had walked with him, though he had not yet decided to follow Jesus.

I had lunch with him today and it was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.  Today he told me that he had chosen to give his life to Christ.  For me, conversations like this remind me that in many ways I’m living the dream.

Mike is a classic skeptic.  He had some strong (not necessarily positive) church experiences as a child.  Since then he’s been on a journey and much of it was not walking toward Christ.  He’s studied eastern religions and has plenty of friends whose faith has gone the direction of Buddhism or something similar.

One fascinating part of his story was how this “decision” came about.  In his journey, there wasn’t a dramatic time when he “decided” to follow Christ.  Instead, over 18 months the list of reasons why he was not following Christ (intellectual and personal) were eliminated one by one.  And the reasons to follow Christ became more powerful.  The decision became apparent and the last piece was to drop his pride and release everything to Christ.

Wonder how many others have that story?  I hope they take the journey as seriously as Mike has.

~ by Greg Lee on September 6, 2008.

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